DOCUMENT: Roundups, Crime

RoboCopped, TSG's Mug Shot Roundup

Booking photo review features robots, various unusual suspects

NOTE: This week’s booking photo roundup can be viewed two ways:

I) Click here to page through the photos in old school TSG style. In the upper right corner of each page you’ll find a description of the criminal charge(s) leveled against the suspect.

II) To look at the booking photos in a lightbox, just click the image beneath the “View The Document” arrow at left. When you mouse over the respective photos, the charged crime(s) will appear in a small box.

Now on to the intro:

AUGUST 13--This week’s mug shot roundup kicks off with a Florida student, 20, who was collared for grand theft and dealing in stolen property. Her pelvic region ink features two robots, one of whom seems crazy in love. The other, sadly, appears to have had its heart/circuit board broken.

As for the other suspects, a few notes: 1) The 22-year-old on page #3 was kind enough to lift his hipster shades before Illinois cops snapped his photo. He was busted on a meth manufacturing charge; 2) The beribboned 18-year-old Utah resident on page #4 was nabbed for underage consumption of alcohol; 3) The Floridian, 31, on page #12 was popped on a probation violation charge. Yes, that is a classic sexy-nurse-with-a-hypo tattoo on his leg ; and 4) The gent on page #14 was nailed today on a prostitution rap. (14 pages)

Comments (4)

Hey, TSG, any chance you could include the accused crime on each mug shot, as you did with the prior web format?
For Picture #5, only one thing to say:......."That's what happens when you get in the line of fire, Money Shot."
For Picture #13, only one phrase to say:......."If you play with it, you will look like it."
For Picture #10, only one phrase to say:........."GOT MILK".