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Sixteen Luxurious Booking Photos, No Fluff

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Mug Shot Roundup

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10/21/11 Mug Shots

NOTE: This week’s booking photo roundup can be viewed two ways:

I) Click here to page through the photos in old school TSG style. In the upper right corner of each page you’ll find a description of the criminal charge(s) leveled against the suspect.

II) To look at the booking photos in a lightbox, just click the image beneath the “View The Document” arrow at left. When you mouse over the respective photos, the charged crime(s) will appear in a small box.

OCTOBER 21--Arrested Sunday for larceny, the 38-year-old Oklahoman who kicks off this week’s mug shot roundup seems to have had his cheeks dusted for prints. As for his fellow perps, some notes:

1) The furry fellow, 26, on page #3 was jailed Friday in Michigan on a parole hold; 2) The South Carolina man being swallowed alive on page #6 was arrested Sunday. The 39-year-old is facing a DUI with death charge; 3) As for the t-shirt worn by the Georgia gent on page #8, no, we do not want to know where that “coin” should be inserted. The 40-year-old was busted Wednesday for battery; 4) On Wednesday, cops nabbed the 18-year-old Louisiana woman on page #10 for cyberstalking; 5) The breast tattoo on page #15 belongs to a 22-year-old Florida woman who was popped on a probation violation count. The identity of “Robby” is unknown; and 6) The 65-year-old Floridian on page #16 was busted Saturday for domestic battery. (16 pages)