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Police Seize Pimping Rules During Raid

List details how to control, manipulate "Hoez"


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Da Game of Hoez!!!

AUGUST 14--During a raid on the Long Island home of an alleged pimp, cops recovered a handwritten list of ten management rules to follow when turning women out on the street, investigators report.

In announcing today’s arrest of eight defendants for their alleged roles in a prostitution and heroin ring, Suffolk County prosecutors released a copy of “Rule's 2 Da game of Hoez!!!”

The list, which investigators allege was prepared by Steven McDaniel, was recovered from the Coram home he shares with Sandra Russell. McDaniel, 29, and Russell, 26, were allegedly the ringleaders of the narcotics operation.

Additionally, Russell has been accused of running the prostitution ring from her residence, where she paid hookers in heroin, according to Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota. The “Hoez” rules was a “document from Steven McDaniel outlining for Russell his management advice on the operation of a prostituton business,” added Spota.

Rules cited in the list include:

* “Make sure you own there mind’s, body’s, and souls,” the lists notes.

* No matter how much you like or care for 1 or any of them, don’t trust none of them.”

* Make them understand that you don’t need them they need you, and they are replaceable.”

“Follow these rule's,” the list concludes, “and you should b Gucci.”

Pictured in the above mug shots, McDaniel (3 counts) and Russell (15 counts) were named today in a felony indictment filed in Supreme Court. (1 page)