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Man Denies Owning Cocaine On His Nose

Florida man, 20, was collared during traffic stop

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Coke Nose

JUNE 10--A Florida Man who had cocaine on his nose when the vehicle he was traveling in was stopped this weekend by police told arresting officers that the drug was not his, investigators say.

Fabricio Jimenez, 20, was a passenger in a car that was pulled over Sunday during a 3:45 AM traffic stop in Tampa.

When a Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office deputy approached the auto, the female cop “immediately noticed Jimenez had a white powdery substance on his nose she recognized to be powder cocaine,” according to investigators.

Jimenez’s nose was subsequently swabbed by police and a field test returned a positive result for the presence of cocaine in the sample. As seen above, deputies photographed Jimenez and his dusty nose during the traffic stop.

A search of Jimenez's shoes yielded a small bag of cocaine, while police also seized a backpack containing 250 grams of marijuana and 13 Xanax pills (seen below).  

Jimenez, arrested on three felony narcotics possession charges, “attempted to tell the deputies the cocaine on his nose was not his,” according to the sheriff’s office.

It does not appear Jimenez offered an explanation as to how someone else’s cocaine got into his nose.

Jimenez is also facing probation violation charges in connection with his conviction last year on cocaine and marijuana charges. After pleading guilty to three felonies, Jimenez was sentenced in November to two years probation and ordered to perform 50 hours of community service.   

Jimenez was arrested last August following a traffic stop in Tampa. Cops found 11 bags of pot and 4 bags of cocaine in a backpack inside the 2009 Honda Accord (Jimenez was alone in the car). Jimenez, cops reported, “admitted the marijuana and cocaine belonged to him, and he sells the marijuana for additional money.”

Jimenez is seen below in his new mug shot (left) and a photo taken as part of his probation supervision. (1 page)