The Gas Chamber

Cops: Cellmate's flatulence triggered Nebraska jailhouse brawl

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The Gas Chamber

DECEMBER 27--Egregious flatulence triggered a brawl this month between two Nebraska inmates, one of whose complaints about his cellmate's allegedly gaseous ways resulted in an assault.

According to investigators, Brian Bruggeman shoved Jesse Dorris into cell bars after he complained about the 38-year-old Bruggeman's flatulence. As a result of the December 14 fight at the North Platte lockup, Bruggeman has been hit with a felony count of assault by a confined person.

Bruggeman was in the Lincoln County jail serving 30 days for violating a protective order. The 26-year-old Dorris, pictured on the right in the above mug shot, is awaiting trial on a robbery charge. Bruggeman, the accused farter, is seen on the left in a Lincoln County Sheriff's Office booking photo. (2 pages)