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Homeowner In Haunted House Horror

Visitor hit man, said he thought victim was statue

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Haunted House Bust

NOVEMBER 3--While inside a haunted house on Halloween night, a Florida Man dressed as an FBI agent allegedly struck a victim in the face with a BB gun, claiming that he thought his target was a statue, not “a scaring player,” police report.

The free haunted house was constructed inside the Seminole home of the 47-year-old male victim. An advertisement asked, “Are you brave enough to make it through the manor and get some treats???”

Seen above, the property’s front lawn was decorated as a makeshift cemetery.

Police say Ingus Schusser, 20, entered the residence wearing “a FBI jacket” and body armor and carrying an Airsoft gun that resembled a Glock pistol.

As he moved through the house, Schusser “went around a corner to where the victim was standing.” While dressed in a costume, the homeowner “was not acting as a role player at the time,” according to a criminal complaint.

The 6’ 4”, 210-pound Schusser, cops say, turned away from the victim and grabbed the Airsoft gun from a hip holster. Schusser, seen at right, then allegedly struck the victim with the gun’s handle, “causing significant injury under the victim’s eye.”

Schusser--laughing and not apologetic--told the victim he “thought he was a statue,” police allege. “The defendant then ran out from the home to the victim’s front door as the victim followed him to prevent him from leaving.”

The bloody homeowner was treated at the scene by EMS workers, while Schusser was arrested by sheriff’s deputies for aggravated battery and possession of a bulletproof vest during the commission of a felony. The Airsoft gun was seized as evidence.

Schusser bonded out of custody Wednesday after posting $15,000 on the felony counts. According to jail records, he works for a machinery company and lives about four miles away from the haunted house. (1 page)