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Man Storms Taco Bell, Makes Own Mexican Pizza

Cops: Suspect was angry over paucity of meat

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Mexican Pizza Rage

MARCH 8--A drive-thru customer enraged by the paucity of meat on his Mexican pizza stormed a Taco Bell in South Carolina and “walked into the kitchen area and began making his own food,” police report.

According to cops, the suspect entered the Taco Bell in Spartanburg Wednesday afternoon complaining that “there was not enough meat on his Mexican pizza.” A store employee told cops that she “re-made the suspect’s food.”

The man, however, was equally displeased with his second pizza and demanded a refund. When told that was not possible since a manager was not on the premises, the suspect became “enraged,” declaring that he “would show the employees how to make his food the appropriate way,” according to a police report.

The man then “walked behind the counter into the kitchen area and began making his own food.” A Taco Bell worker noted that the suspect “did not follow proper health/safety guidelines” by not wearing “protective gloves while making his food.”

The Taco Bell employee said the suspect “made himself another Mexican pizza and subsequently left the store and premises.” The man, the worker said, “was angry and upset throughout his time in the facility” and used foul language in response to her repeated demands to leave the Taco Bell.

Investigators described the Mexican pizza enthusiast as a black man with “braids/dreadlocks” in his late-20s or early-30s. The man, dressed in a a dark sweatshirt and gray pants, left the restaurant in a late-model Dodge Challenger driven by a woman who never entered the restaurant.

Police expect to retrieve video surveillance footage recorded by Taco Bell security cameras. If apprehended, the suspect faces possible misdemeanor larceny and trespass charges. (1 page)