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Parents Busted Over Pot For Tot

Cops: Texas couple gave bong to their 13-month-old son

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Parents Busted Over Pot For Tot

JUNE 30--The parents of a 13-month-old Texas boy are facing felony endangerment charges after the child's father allegedly put a marijuana bong on the toddler's lips.

The bong was seized by cops Monday night after they received a tip that Julio Garcia was smoking marijuana in the Grapevine apartment he shares with Brenda Duran, the boy's 19-year-old mother. A witness told cops that after Garcia--who turned 20 Monday--took several hits from the bong, he placed his son's mouth on the glass device (Garcia also allegedly let the child play with a bowl of pot).

Garcia was charged with child endangerment and marijuana possession, according to a Grapevine Police Department report. Duran was hit with an endangerment rap since she was present in the bedroom where her child handled the bong. The boy was placed in the custody of relatives following the arrest of his parents. (2 pages)

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just because they are stoners doesnt mean they dont love their kid and would sell or trade him on craigslist or trade him for a damn bong. what the Fark is wrong with YOU? *** idiot
THANK GOD ALMIGHTY these uncaring creeps have been busted for the child-endangering druggies they are! had they not been apprehended, who knows what fate awaited the innocent toddler. indeed, he might well have been sold on Craig's List, for a "light" nickel bag. or traded straight-up for a newer model bong.