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Man Forced To Streak Over $350 Narcotics Debt

Cops: Victim said dealer sought to "embarrass" him

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South Carolina Streak

AUGUST 26--A South Carolina man told cops that he was “forced to walk around naked by his drug dealer” as punishment for an unpaid narcotics tab, according to an incident report.

Around 7:30 PM Saturday, a Myrtle Beach Police Department officer was flagged down by a witness “in reference to a male walking down the road naked.”

In short order, the patrolman encountered David Sheppard, 42, in the altogether. Sheppard, pictured above, explained that he owed his drug dealer about $350. And that the pusher told him ne needed to be embarrassed.

So, Sheppard continued, the dealer confronted him at his residence and “presented a firearm in front of him.” The suspect then told the victim that he had to "strip down naked and walk up and down” a nearby street.

Sheppard said as he walked nude, the dealer followed him in a red SUV. The suspect, however, left the area before police arrived.

Though the dealer was armed, Sheppard claimed that the suspect “did not threaten him and that the suspect told him he needed to embarrass the victim.” The incident report describes the suspect as a 25-year-old black male.

Sheppard, who declined to identify the drug dealer, told cops that he “did not want police involvement and did not wish to pursue charges.” Sheppard was not charged for his naked stroll.

Fittingly, a cop reported that he was notifying a “Sgt. Clothier” about the incident.

According to court records, Sheppard is a registered sex offender due to an aggravated rape conviction in Massachusetts when he was 17. Upon moving to South Carolina, Sheppard failed to register as a sex offender, which resulted in a federal conviction and a 41-month prison sentence. Sheppard subsequently had his probation revoked due to his possession and/or use of heroin and crack cocaine. (2 pages)