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Texas Cops On Hunt For Pair Of Dopey iClods

Houston theft suspects targeted following "selfies"

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Texas iClods

1/22 UPDATE: Cops arrest two iClods in theft probe

JANUARY 21--The Texas numbskulls who used a stolen iPad to take celebratory post-theft “selfie” photos are being hunted by Houston cops after the incriminating images were backed up to the victim’s iCloud account.

The dopey duo are suspects in the January 8 theft of an iPad, a laptop computer, a radar detector, and cash from a truck owned by Randy Schaefer, who parked the unlocked vehicle overnight in front of his home in Houston’s tony River Oaks neighborhood.

A week after the crime, Schaefer, 38, discovered a series of images--like the one at right--had been automatically uploaded from the missing iPad to his iCloud account. Those images showed the two suspects mugging for the camera and holding fans of $100 bills. One of the men even uploaded a gloating video (seen below) to his Facebook account, identifying himself as “Dorian” and his sidekick as “Dylan.”

“Dorian,” TSG has learned, is Dorian Markee Walker-Gaines, a 20-year Houston resident whose rap sheet includes a 2013 conviction for marijuana possession in a drug free zone, and a 2014 trespassing collar. Police arrested Walker-Gaines on the latter charge last August, charging that he had unlawfully entered a vehicle owned by a Houston woman.

The misdemeanor case against Walker-Gaines--who has the word "Brilliant" tattooed across his chest--was subsequently dismissed by a magistrate judge.

Court records list Walker-Gaines’s Houston home address as Covenant House, which provides shelter and social services to homeless and at-risk youth. Walker-Gaines is seen in the below series of mug shots.

In the Facebook video, which was shot inside a Burger King two miles from Schaefer’s home, Walker-Gaines introduces “Dylan” as his brother. While it appears the men are not related, “Dylan” may also reside at Covenant House. While displaying dozens of $100 bills, Walker-Gaines  says, “This, my good people, is what we get from a good night’s hustle. “Dylan” chimes in, “No twenties, no fives, no tens.” Then Walker-Gaines explains, “If you hustle, if you put your bullshit aside…you get this.”

According to Houston Police Department spokesperson Kese Smith, the theft case was referred to the department by the Harris County Constable’s Office over the weekend. The probe, which is being handled by the HPD's auto theft division, is now “under active investigation,” Smith added.

Walker-Gaines deleted his Facebook page in the face of stories and online chatter about the damning “selfies.” It was an action recommended by several Facebook members, one of whom counseled, “Yo deactivate yur page niggah yu hot.” (1 page)