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Police Hunting Toilet Paper, Vodka Thief

Louisiana woman, 30, faces misdemeanor rap

MAY 24--Louisiana police are hunting for a woman who this month allegedly stole nearly $800 worth of vodka and toilet paper from a Walmart outside Baton Rouge.

Cops say Jana Snowden, 30, loaded up a shopping cart with 21 bottles of Tito’s vodka and then covered the booze with four cases of Cottom Comfort and Scott toilet paper.

Snowden, a Baton Rouge resident, then wheeled her cart out of the store without paying for the merchandise. Two Walmart employees confronted Snowden as she sought to boost the vodka and toilet paper, but she ignored them and made her getaway in a vehicle parked outside the store.

Snowden is seen above in a surveillance image recorded around 9 AM on May 12. Police estimated the vodka and toilet paper haul’s value at $784.05.

When collared, Snowden will face a misdemeanor theft charge that carries a maximum of six months in jail.

While Snowden, a mother of three, remains in the wind, detractors have taken to her Facebook page to post derisive comments and GIFs. However, one Baton Rouge woman rallied to Snowden’s side, writing, “Girl im gonna help u bond ur thang.”

Snowden is pictured below in a Facebook photo posted earlier this month.