Schools Boss Is Sacked Over Explicit E-Mails

Racy exchanges sent from woman's work account


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Superintendent E-mails

JUNE 4--A series of sexually explicit e-mails sent by the superintendent of the Des Moines, Iowa public schools triggered her abrupt resignation last month, and subsequently cost the 57-year-old educator her new post atop the Omaha, Nebraska school system.

The correspondence exchanged by Nancy Sebring and a man with whom she was having an extramarital affair were sent via her school e-mail account, a violation of the system’s Internet-use guidelines. Many of Sebring’s racy e-mails were sent during the workday (and were sent/received on devices owned by the Des Moines school district).

Sebring, pictured at right, was originally set to depart the Des Moines job--which she held for six years--on June 30. She was scheduled to take over the Omaha system on July 1.

But when Des Moines officials learned last month that Sebring had exchanged the explicit e-mails, she announced her resignation (though no mention was made at the time of the reason for her early departure). The e-mails came to the attention of Des Moines school board members after reporters filed an open records request seeking some of Sebring’s e-mails.

Within days of the release of the steamy e-mails, Sebring resigned her $275,000 post in Omaha (which she had yet to begin). The e-mails, some of which you can find here, were exchanged between March 28 and early-May.

In the correspondence, Sebring and her lover, who is also married, wrote about nipples and oral skills; how Sebring had “fallen in love with your d...”; missing each other; kissing; ass licking; horniness; sexy thoughts; gushing; 69; anal sex; late-night texts; orgasms; dick pics; suction cup dildos; and hands slipped under Sebring’s dress.

In an April 2 e-mail, the veteran educator wrote to the man that, “I have fallen hopelessly in love with your dick. There. I said it.” Two weeks later, in an e-mail sent at 3:30 PM, Sebring wrote about a sexual encounter that morning. Referring to her use of a sex toy at home, Sebring noted, “There is a point, on my way to an orgasm, that I absolutely crave a long, hard cock being thrust into me…and I have to do without it.”

On May 2, Sebring recalled “how exciting it was when you slipped your hands under my dress and slid your fingers into me….OMG, just thinking about it gets my heart racing!!! I will be wearing skirts every time you see me from now on!!!” After noting that she was meeting that morning with the CEO of the Omaha World-Herald newspaper, Sebring concluded her e-mail by saying, “I have been thinking about your comments about church and God…I want to talk about that later.” (13 pages)