MUG SHOTS: Killers

Charles Manson '09

Charles Manson was photographed by the California Department of Corrections in March 2009 at the age of 74. The convicted murderer, serving a life sentence at Corcoran State Prison, will be eligible for parole (for the twelfth time) in 2012.

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At least you know your legal system is still alive because this guy gets the right to apply for parole. Not that he'll ever see the light of day.
"OH" Charlie did his time for the crime. We are in AMERICA are we not people? MY GOD ! It would not be right to let Charlie DIE in prison.Thats what I think.
Wow.....this man needs to give up I mean 12 times up and deny everytime. So I think it is safe to say he will die in prison
wow im so glad i was no where close to thier when he was doing what they was doing. i have read all the books about him it still blow my mind.
He has alot of pentup hatered towards people by now, if they were 2 free him and he moved back into society, would YOU want HIM 2 move into ur neighborhood, were maybe ur child,wife/husband, mom/dad makes him mad and his followers KILL sum1 that u loved? I WOULD NEVER LET HIM HAVE THE FREEDOM TO KILL AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow! I assume that all the comments here are from Americans, but snowflake must be from one of the 'special' states like Alabama.
What's sad is the man really did not kill anyone. BUUUT if, he got out he still has a lot of "followers" that would do his bidding. Keep his crazy ass in prison shiat
One sick man and we the people are paying for his stay in Corcoran State Prison. Being that Obama keeps traveling all over the world -- and he has so much down time perhaps he should look into this.
And I am pretty sure that Manson was in prison waaaaay longer than Obama was in office. F OH W T B S
what a psycho, old as dirt now
i think we should turn him lose and sit back and watch him get picked off bye the famlies that he hurt
wow he looks so old....he has been up for parole 12 times he not going to get it he need to die in prison
Holy cow he looks used
i wonder how many people made him thier bitch over all those years hahahah
I doubt if he was anyone's biotch; I think they kept him off to himself- not sure.
Love the swastika lol dam he is old