New Age musician Yanni was arrested in March 2006 by Florida cops and charged with domestic abuse after allegedly tussling with his live-in girlfriend. The 51-year-old pianist (given name: John Yanni Christopher), allegedly struck the woman after ordering her to move out of his waterfront mansion. According to a Manalapan Police Department report, the musician also dished out some verbal abuse, calling the woman a 'cunt,' 'whore,' and 'garbage.' Cops noted in their report that the woman's upper lip was swollen and split open and that there was a small amount of dried blood on her lower lip as well as redness on both her forearms. Yanni, who denied striking her, spent about 11 hours in the Palm Beach County jail, where he posed for the above mug shot.

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Enya was also arrested for cracking a bottle over a bartenders head, driving away erratically and killing some pitbulls in the process.....
His given name is Yiannis Hrysomallis. Not John Christopher. He was born in Greece. Still a scumbag though, if this was true.
Damn, I wonder what she did to piss off Yanni lol
Yanni, chill out man, listen to some pan flute once in a while.