Andre the Giant

After allegedly roughing up a TV cameraman, the 540-pound wrestler was arrested for assault by sheriff’s deputies in Linn County, Iowa.

Andre the Giant (aka Andre Roussimoff) was arrested by the Linn County, Iowa sheriff in August 1989 and charged with assault after the 540-pound wrestler allegedly roughed up a local TV cameraman.

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I read that Andre was a cultured gentle man,and im guessing if he didn't want to lose a match he wouldn't have.Really he could have folded hulk hogan up like a paper cup and crushed him.Its just that the powers that be in wrestling prefered Andre as a villian.
He couldn't beat the Hulkster, Ultimate Warrior was giving him fits, so he takes it out on a cameraman.
I'd like to see the look on the face of the sheriff as he approached him with handcuffs.....are police even trained to apprehend yetis?