MUG SHOTS: Classics

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i think he knows this guy...... http://www.thesmokinggun. com/mugshots/general/classics/classics-2010-071319-0033
He LOVES the Silver Surfer.
Why no, I dont know where the paint aisle is at Walmart, Why?
Maybe he was going down on a smurf..
Your silver chin sets off your red eyes quite nicely, Sir.
no comment
His throat and lungs must be very shiny!!
Could fill role on batman.
The red pupils are a dead giveaway this fellow has been drinking.
I think you should keep your affair with Mr. Tinman's wife a little more discreet.
"It huffed my beard clear off. except for that little soul stripe there on the bottom." -- actual quote from perp.
The gold paint is better.
No sir i didnt huff the silver spray paint...
how many times do i have to tell you don't sniff the blue cocain.