MUG SHOTS: Classics

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Are those udders or are you glad to see me?
she just wanted to have four things to stick in her gf
This is a she..I've heard about her...
I am not ok anymore. This is one of the most disturbing pictures I have seen on this site.
Were you drinking beer milk all night?
This is a cow dressed in an ape costume.
I laughed so hard at this one that I literally drooled on myself. Something tells me he got arrested in a cow field after watching "Top Secret!"
Is this a man or a woman?
One of whom chocolate milk comes from?
Im done with milk..
this is just UTTERLY wrong.
How could you arrest a big, fat, black-man wearing a cow-suit. Some officers just have NO sence of humor...
Nice Cow-stume
4H fair? halloween? very weird sex club?
Damn they so bored they arresting animals now.
damn with buying milk, milk your damn self.