Ohio Police Identify Suspect In Nacho Cheese Attack On 7-Eleven Employee

After issuing an appeal to the public, Ohio cops have identified the woman who allegedly threw a container of nacho cheese at a 7-Eleven owner who caught her stealing merchandise.

In a Facebook post yesterday, the Toledo Police Department included three surveillance images of the suspect, who was wearing a Spiderman t-shirt, shorts, and blue socks with white stars.

According to a police report, after being confronted by Jitendra Singh, 49, the woman attacked the 7-Eleven owner, tearing money from his hands before throwing "a container of nacho cheese" at him. The woman then “fled in a maroon Chevy with a black male.”

Upon posting an “Attempt to identify” notice, cops determined that the suspect in the August 18 incident was Derrickka Dixon, a 28-year-old Toledo resident. In comments on the Toledo Police Department’s Facebook page, Dixon’s husband Tray, 33, claimed that the police account was “all wrong. She didn’t steal nothing.” He added that, “The media lie every day.”

In addition to issuing a robbery arrest warrant for Dixon, cops are also seeking to collar her spouse, who allegedly threatened to kill Singh during the 7-Eleven incident (and was driving the Chevy). Dixon is seen below in a mug shot taken after an arrest last year.

Singh was not injured by the airborne nacho cheese.

The police reference to the liquid gold was met with glee by Facebook commenters, several of whom offered a variation on this remark: “He said hey give that cheese back. That NACHO CHEESE that NACHO CHEESE it my cheese.” One man appeared exasperated that the suspect used the nacho cheese container as a weapon: “Christ, what a world we live in.”