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Woman Called Cops Over Bad Batch Of Meth

Indianan wanted to file charges against dealer

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Bad Meth Batch

APRIL 17--An Indiana woman is facing a narcotics charge after she called 911 to report purchasing an inferior batch of methamphetamine and say that she wanted to file charges against her drug dealer, police report.

As alleged in a probable cause affidavit, Sarah Harris, 34, twice made "open line" calls to the police emergency number, which prompted an officer to visit her residence "to ensure that everyone was ok."

During a conversation with a police captain, Harris declared that her meth was “not what it was supposed to be.”

She explained that the drug left her feeling as if she was going to have a heart attack. Harris said she had snorted a line of the meth and felt “something different when it touched her skin and nostrils.”

Harris noted that she and a friend had “smoked a bowl of normal meth” before she subsequently obtained the meth that led her to call 911 earlier this year.

Apparently believing that the local sheriff operated a Better Illegal Business Bureau, Harris (seen above) requested that the drug be tested. Harris also declared that she wanted to “turn the person in” who provided her the meth.

While speaking with police at her home in the city of Bedford, Harris made the mistake of handing over the meth that had so vexed her. The contents of the small baggie--which carried a "red pig design"--later "field-tested positive for methamphetamine."

As a result of Harris providing the narcotics evidence, a criminal information charging her with meth possession was filed last week. While the Class 6 felony carries a maximum 30-month prison term, the advisory sentence is one year.

Harris’s rap sheet includes convictions for theft; meth possession; criminal mischief; disorderly conduct; resisting; and operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated. (2 pages)