Florida Man, 46, Arrested For Road Rage Al Dente

The victim in the drive-by attack, cops say, was hit in the “arms, legs, and torso” by a road-raging Florida motorist.

But the male escaped without injury because he was only struck by “pasta w/ sauce,” according to a police report.

Cops allege that Nolan Goins, 46, was involved in a road rage incident “over glaring headlights” Thursday night while driving near his St. Petersburg residence.

“The defendant threw food (pasta w/ sauce) from the passenger seat of his vehicle striking the victim through his open window as he operated his vehicle,” reported a sheriff’s deputy.

Goins was “found with the same food stains on his right sleeve” as the male target of the pasta pelting.

Seen at right, Goins was charged with battery, a misdemeanor, and booked into the county jail. Goins, who was freed on $1000 bond, is a painting contractor whose rap sheet includes convictions for selling marijuana, obstruction, and battery (twice), as well as a multitude of traffic infractions.

Investigators did not identify the kind of pasta or sauce used in the alleged attack. It is also unclear if Goins was transporting his dinner (or leftovers) home or whether he regularly travels so armed.