Cops: Erratic Shia LaBeouf Spit At Officer, Asked "Do You Know Who The Fuck I Am?"

As an NYPD patrolman escorted Shia LaBeouf from a New York City theater--where he had just disrupted a performance of "Cabaret”--the 28-year-old actor screamed at the officer:

* “Fuck you.”

* “This is fucking bullshit.”

* “Do you know my life?”

The “Transformers” star then wondered:

* ”Do you know who the fuck I am?”

* “Do you know who I am?”

As LaBeouf was melting down, a cluster of pedestrians outside the West 54th Street theater gawked as the star berated Officer Joseph Pecora. A theater security guard told cops that LaBeouf stood up during the middle of last night's performance of the musical and yelled loudly at the actors onstage.

According to a criminal complaint, when the troubled actor arrived at the Midtown North Precinct he spit in Pecora’s direction. The cop noted that he “observed the spit land at my feet.”

Charged with criminal trespass, harassment, and disorderly conduct, LaBeouf pleaded not guilty to the misdemeanor counts this morning during a Criminal Court appearance. He was subsequently released on his own recognizance.

In November 2007, LaBeouf--who appeared intoxicated--was arrested by Chicago cops for trespassing when he refused to leave a Walgreens at 2:30 AM (the collar produced this glassy-eyed mug shot). The misdemeanor charge was later dropped. In 2008, he was busted for drunk driving in Los Angeles.