Police: Man Strangled Pit Bull To Death After Pet Bit Girlfriend's Ankle

A Florida Man yesterday choked his pit bull to death after the dog bit his girlfriend on the ankle, according to a criminal complaint.

Joseph Wayne Walker, 38, allegedly killed the animal in the front yard of his Pinellas Park home around 1 AM Sunday. Walker, seen at right, was charged with cruelty to animals, a felony, in connection with the strangling of the 10-year-old canine.

Cops say the 25-pound pit bull bit Walker’s girlfriend, resulting in a laceration to her ankle. When the woman entered the house to clean the wound, she told Walker--who was asleep at the time of the dog bite--what occurred.

Walker, cops allege, responded by bringing the dog to the home’s front yard, where he straddled the animal and “choked it using two hands.”

During subsequent police questioning, Walker reportedly admitted to killing the dog, and told officers that it “took a couple of minutes for the dog to die.” Walker, cops noted, had “scratch marks on his stomach from the dog trying to get out of the chokehold.”

The arrest affidavit does not disclose how police learned of the strangulation.

Walker was released early today from the county jail after posting $10,000 bond. A judge has ordered Walker to be outfitted with an alcohol monitor and has barred him from having any pets.

Walker is a felon whose rap sheet includes convictions for domestic battery; marijuana possession; drunk driving; obstructing police; felony battery; criminal mischief; and violating a restraining order.