Yet Another Reason to Avoid Movies Starring Jennifer Lopez

Meet Shannon Wriska.

The Florida resident, 34, is facing arson and battery charges after a dispute with her husband over a Jennifer Lopez movie, of all things, escalated into her allegedly torching his go-kart and boat.

According to a Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office report, Wriska's husband told cops she "is very jealous and did not like him seeing Jennifer Lopez in the movie.” Cops noted that Wriska and her husband Robert bickered about the curvy Latina actress throughout last Wednesday night before heading to bed.

At one point, when Robert asked Shannon to move over in the bed, she yelled, “So you’re saying I’ve got a fat ass?” She then stormed out of the couple’s home. When Wriska, pictured in the mug shot at right, returned the following afternoon, witnesses reported seeing her push and scratch her husband before setting fire to his belongings. As she fled the scene, Wriska, a mother of three, threatened to put the couple’s dogs to sleep.

Investigators did not disclose which Lopez movie triggered the argument between the Wriskas. But feel free to make your “Gigli” jokes here.

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