John Lennon's Killer Denied Parole For Sixth Time

John Lennon’s killer was denied parole today, the sixth time his bid for freedom has been rejected.

Following an interview this morning with a three-member panel, Mark David Chapman was informed of the Parole Board’s denial. He is next eligible for a hearing in August 2012.

Chapman, 55, is locked up at the Attica Correctional Facility, where this mug shot was snapped in late-July.

In a previous letter to parole officials, Yoko Ono, Lennon’s widow, opposed the murderer’s release, noting that she and the musician’s two sons “would not feel safe for the rest of our lives” if Chapman, who was sentenced to 20 years to life in prison, was released from custody.

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This POS needs to be violently raped every day for the rest of his worthless life. I can only hope he dies in a long painful, degrading death. He wouldn't deserve a burial, the local dump would be more appropriate.
This guy is an assassin who murdered Lennon to get attention. He got what he wanted. If he were released there's nothing to keep him from another destructive act when he "feels" ignored some years from now.
let him out - I'm sure his freakazoid jail-groupie wife would immediately leave him and soon thereafter some disillusioned, heartbroken ex-hippie will deservedly put a bullet between his beady little eyes.
the death penalty should be given to ppl like this who *really are* proven guilty, cold blodded killers. It doesn't matter who he killed, he stood there and shot a man dead. He's living pretty cushy in jail; he does housework chores, has a wife and gets weekend sex visits with her. Nice, eh? 2 kids and a wife lost their love, their father and husband 30more or less years ago, but this dick gets to have a wife and some sort of life?? I know its 'in jail' but how *jail* is it really to be fed, clothed and housed for killing someone?
I guess NY State has trunk loads of money. This guy is now harmless.
this guy has changed the history of the world artistically and socio politically by killing a man who's consistent pleas for peace would have been an powerful counterpoint these last decades. why would he get a reprieve? let him rot.