Police Arrest Second Woman For Brawling In Shampoo Aisle Of Indiana Walmart

The second woman involved in the notorious Indiana Walmart shampoo aisle fight has been arrested for her role in the scrap, video of which recently went viral.

Rebecca Mills, 39, was collared yesterday on a misdemeanor disorderly conduct charge for brawling with Amber Stephenson inside the Beech Grove store on June 4. Mills was booked last night into the Marion County jail, where the adjacent mug shot was taken.

Mills tangled with Stephenson, 34, after alighting from the motorized scooter she was driving across the suburban Indianapolis store.

As seen on videos of the fight, Mills got the worst of the 10:30 PM brawl, and even endured punches and kicks from Stephenson’s six-year-old son (who also threw items at the prone Mills and, as seen below, doused her in shampoo near the fight’s conclusion).

Stephenson was arrested last week and initially charged with felony child neglect and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. A misdemeanor disorderly conduct count was also subsequently filed against her.

Stephenson claimed in a recent radio interview that Mills used a racial slur during an argument with a Walmart employee, which prompted her to confront Mills. However, when she was first interviewed by cops, Stephenson never mentioned the racial slur, nor did Walmart workers report hearing Mills use the word “nigger.”

In a June 10 police interview, Mills said that Stephenson “came out of nowhere” and began yelling at her for “being in a wheelchair.” During the ensuing fight, Mills said that Stephenson “fish hooked” her. A police report offers this explanation of that term: “Mills explained that Stephenson put her finger in Mills’ mouth and pulled on her cheek so that Mills could not get away from Stephenson. Mills said that this caused a lot of pain and injury to the outside of her face, as well as the inside of her mouth.”