Prison For Dope Who Fired .357 Magnum At "Green Laser Lights" That Were Actually Fireflies

A Pennsylvania man who was high on bath salts when he opened fire on fireflies that he mistook for “green laser lights” has been sentenced to a maximum of six years in prison following a plea deal with prosecutors.

Jesse Shields, 31, was arrested last June after he and his girlfriend broke into a Clinton County residence. Claiming to have been attacked, Shields said “there was something on his skin that was burning” and asked the homeowner if he could use the shower. After disarming Shields, the homeowner allowed the intruder to use the bathroom.

When cops arrived at the residence, Shields and Katherine McCloskey, 23, were taken into custody. Seen above, Shields and McCloskey are parents of a one-year-old child.

During police questioning, Shields said the couple had been driving around in a truck when McCloskey “started seeing green laser lights coming from the sky and was hearing voices.” Shields added that he also “began to see and hear the same,” claiming that “the truck began to shake.”

In an effort to scare off the pursuing laser lights, Shields said he used a .357 Magnum revolver to fire a warning shot.

McCloskey told police that she and Shields “started seeing a lot of green lights that are similar to fire flies, but they were not fire flies because they were blinking twice.” Shields, she added, grabbed her father’s handgun and “fired the gun to scare whoever was messing with them.”

Shields was sentenced Monday after pleading guilty to felony weapons and criminal trespass charges. He was ordered to serve between three and six years behind bars. Shields’s rap sheet includes convictions for narcotics distribution, theft, making terroristic threats, criminal mischief, and assault.

McCloskey pleaded guilty in November to disorderly conduct and driving under the influence of a controlled substance. Sentenced to a maximum of six months in custody, McCloskey is currently locked up at the Muncy State Correctional Institution.