Next To Donald Trump's Valet, Corrections Officer Remains America's Worst Occupation

Considering a career in the exciting field of correctional services?

Yes, the pay stinks, working conditions are often terrible, and you are surrounded by criminals, both accused and convicted.

But where else can you meet characters like Lens Toussaint?

The 24-year-old product of Haiti (seen at right) is a convicted felon who is locked up in a Florida jailed awaiting trial on charges stemming from a January 2014 shootout with a fellow urban pistolero.

Toussaint was in his cell Thursday morning when “Dep. Acevedo” opened the food hatch so a nurse could provide the inmate with medication. When the hatch opened, Toussaint threw a cup of urine at his visitors. The liquid “went into both of Dep. Acevedo’s eyes, up his nose and down his throat,” according to a probable cause affidavit.

“How do you like the taste of my dick?” asked Toussaint, who had previously told Acevedo that he planned on sexually assaulting the Manatee County jailer’s wife and daughters.

For his urine toss, Toussaint was charged with battery on a law enforcement officer, a felony. It is the latest entry on his rap sheet, which includes a conviction for breaking an iPhone over the head of his girlfriend. Toussaint repeatedly struck the victim with the phone after she sought to break up with the 6' 1", 200-pound cockroach.