Georgia Man, 65, Arrested For Illicit Encounter With One Of His Many Goats

Since reader e-mails have demanded news on the accused Georgia goatfucker, here goes...

The victim, a police spokesman told TSG, was “a white in color female goat.”

The accused is Freddie Wadsworth, a 65-year-old resident of Douglasville, a city about 35 miles northwest of Atlanta. He is the owner of the white goat.

According to the Paulding County Sheriff’s Office, two witnesses reported spotting Wadsworth in communion with the goat last Friday morning. The witnesses live in a home across the street from Wadsworth's property.

Upon spotting the illicit coupling, one of the witnesses called 911 to report that a “male was having intercourse with a goat,” said Sergeant Ashley Henson.

The incident was initially logged as an indecent exposure call since no police code exists for man-goat interactions.

Wadsworth was allegedly spotted having sex with the animal on his own property in broad daylight. “He has a lot of goats,” Henson said.

Seen above, Wadsworth was booked into the county jail on a bestiality charge. Now free on $1300 bond, Wadsworth faces between one and five years in prison if convicted of the felony count.