Meet The College Professor Arrested For Peeing On A Colleague's Office Door

Meet Tihomir Petrov.

The California college professor is facing a pair of misdemeanor counts for allegedly urinating on the office door of a Cal State Northridge colleague with whom he was feuding.

The alleged urination occurred on December 3, according to a Los Angeles Superior Court complaint (excerpted here) filed against the 43-year-old math professor. A hidden camera reportedly captured Petrov relieving himself on the unidentified professor’s door in Santa Susana Hall.

Petrov, pictured above, is scheduled to be arraigned today on the charges, which were filed by the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office.

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He's still working on learning English and took the phrase "pissing contest" literally.
He is lucky he works for the California University System. He will probably get tenured for that stunt!
I tried getting a teaching job in California once. They told me my standards were too high.
What a sleaze bag. I guess education can't help stupid. Must be a cultural thing.
C'mon, where's the PC? Could be a cultural thing, in which case being California a big discrimination lawsuit before the 9th circuit court by the perp with the ACLU, a big payoff, a few diversity classes for the victim, staff and law enforcement for infringing on his rights. Problem solved.
What a dumb a$$-0, overpaid higher education.......Pi + Pee = jackass
When he was attending college, he was known as a whiz......
Not to worry his tenure will make sure he keeps his job.
Wonder who saved the evidence? Prof. could have just poured iced tea.
This math prof likes teaching about "Pi"... but sometimes about "Pee".