Lame Duck Charlie Crist Poised To Pardon Wanton Penis Exposer?

Outgoing Florida governor Charlie Crist is reportedly considering a posthumous pardon of Jim Morrison for a 1970 conviction for exposing himself during a Doors concert the prior year at a Miami auditorium.

Which gives us an excuse to post a few amusing excerpts from the transcript of the singer’s September 1970 Circuit Court trial testimony. Morrison is pictured at right in a post-conviction mug shot.

During a cross-examination by prosecutor Terrence McWilliams, Morrison--literally charged with rocking out with his cock out--was quizzed about the snug fit of his trousers, whether his manhood was insulted by hecklers who called him a “fag,” and whether he asked concertgoers if they wanted to see some flesh.

While unclear if there is any opposition to a Morrison pardon, it’s not hard to imagine that some more conservative types could oppose absolving a rock star who had the temerity to flash his penis. Since such behavior, they could argue, would today land the rock star on sex offender lists in around 30 states (though not in the Sunshine State).

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It is what is important and the will of the people.... Perhaps Charlie is getting ready to run for President of the Rock-n-Roll Hall of Fame.
Is this the best work an outgoing gov'ner can do? No wonder voters want 'em out! And he'll still acquire a pension paid for by us, the public! SHEESH!
While I did not attend the concert my community college classmates did. Morrison did, indeed, egg on the crowd, "Do you wanna see..." They just laughed and laughed about it.