Man Complains To Police About Being Shorted By His Cocaine Dealer

Believing that he had been ripped off in a commercial transaction, Antonio Recinos decided to contact Connecticut cops to register a complaint.

Perhaps the Better Business Bureau would have been a better choice considering that Recinos, 35, thought he had been cheated by a cocaine dealer who had sold him $40 of the drug Sunday evening.

According to the East Hartford Police Department, Recinos initially dialed 911 to lodge his complaint, but when he spotted a patrolman he approached the cop to deliver his beef face-to-face.

This was a mistake on the part of Recinos, who is pictured in the above mug shot.

Recinos, who displayed a small bag of cocaine, told the officer that he had been shorted by his dealer. While it is unclear what Recinos, who apparently had been drinking, expected the cop to do on his behalf, he likely did not expect to end up in handcuffs over his consumer complaint.

Recinos, an El Salvador native, was arrested early Sunday on a narcotics possession charge. He was later freed on $5000 bail and has a March 30 court appearance, according to police.

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Nowhere in the article, nor on the internet does it say anything about him being an illegal immigrant. The US is more and more becoming a hotbed for these racists and bigots. It would be nice if they'd make being an idiot on the internet a crime and lock up some of these fools. Yea stupid criminal, but you have no idea of his citizenship status. Always crying about the illegals are stealing my jobs, the illegals are nothing but druggies, kidnappers, and rapists. Did you ever think for once you only hear about the worst case scenario? Why would the news run stories about the normal, decent, but illegal aliens? It sickens me that I actually loved this place enough to once defend her. Now I'll sit back and await all the flaming posts calling me an outsider, liberal scum, and questioning my place of birth. I'll help you out and give you a small hint. I bet you're so proud of your ancestors raping and stealing this land they call theirs.
That's the problem with America we don't show enough sympathy for these ignorant illegals, he should get his stuff for free.
Did they at least collar the dealer?
Jennaatsuad it clearly shows his place of birth as El Salvidor on his mug shot, try again.
So have you never heard of emigration or naturalisation then? My place of birth is York, England, but I don't still live there.
Awww, too bad. Need help getting back?
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