Wanton Tamale Assault Lands Florida Woman Behind Bars

Meet Adyan Sanchez.

The Florida woman was arrested Saturday morning for domestic battery after allegedly assaulting her boyfriend with a plate of tamales. Sanchez, 30, told cops that she tossed the corn-based projectiles at her boyfriend after he called her a “bitch” in front of the couple’s one-year-old son.

According to a police report excerpted here, deputies responded to a 911 call from the Bradenton home shared by the couple. Upon their arrival, officers found the alleged victim, Roberto Olvera, with “tamale sauce all over his pants.”

As officers were interviewing Olvera, Sanchez, a cop noted, “burst in interrupting him telling him to tell me that he called her a bitch” during an argument earlier in the day, and that “she threw the tamales on him because she is not going to let him call her a bitch in front of her son and get away with it.”

Sanchez, a teacher’s assistant, was booked into the Manatee County Jail on a misdemeanor battery count. She was released after posting $500 bond.

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Hey...all she did was prove her point to the cops...she IS a bitch! What a waste of a good tamale. She should get the book thrown at her for being a foodwasting bitch who assaults her boyfriend in front of the kid.
What an IGNORANT comment you just made...what a total MISOGYNIST you are...I bet you hate hispanic women, don't you, you racist f&&k?
hrry, you are attempting to shame this poster for objecting to this woman's assault in order to silence him. There is nothing misogynist, racist, or anything else wrong with what he said. Try again, as those power and control games do not work with me. The woman threw a plate (what food it held is irrelevent), which can cause physical harm, at her boyfriend in front of a small child. Not only could she have hurt the man, she committed domestic violence in front of a child. One does not need to hate women or hispanics to take offence at this. She committed a serious crime, one which had it been committed by a man against a woman would have been taken seriously. It is disrespectful of both men and women not to take it seriously.
Hey...why don't you go and get bent! I don't hate anybody...she's clearly disturbed! What is worse...physically assaulting someone with a lethal food item in front of a one year-old, or calling them a name? use your head for something other than a hat rack!
Get 'bent'? I can surmise from your comments that you are a racist white pig, most likely voted for McCain and are responsible for all that is screwed up in America. Why don't you go and jerk yourself a soda, pig!
Sorry ADM. I was an EMT for several years and we were taught to protect ourselves first just like the cops. You can't help anybody if you're dead too. I'm not familiar with the CT story, but the cops and Columbine were NOT just standing around. When you're told there's bombs inside, that's even more of a reason not to go charging in. No, they don't even do that on TV anymore.