Cops: Husband Was "Covered In Meat Sauce" After Domestic Spaghetti Battery

A Florida Woman is behind bars after allegedly attacking her husband with a plate of spaghetti in a domestic pasta battery that left the victim “covered in meat sauce.”

Investigators charge that Melissa Daigle, 44, was intoxicated last night during a family discussion that turned violent when she “threw her dinner, a plate of spaghetti” at her spouse.

The spaghetti struck the torso and lap of Daigle’s husband. “The victim was not injured, just covered in meat sauce,” reported a sheriff’s deputy who responded to the couple’s Largo home.

Daigle was arrested for domestic battery and booked into the county jail. During a court appearance this morning, a judge barred Daigle from having any contact with her husband and ordered her to be outfitted with an alcohol monitoring device.

Daigle and the victim have been married for 20 years and the September 1 confrontation occurred in front of the couple’s adult children, cops say.

Daigle, who works at a Largo bar, was arrested in May for allegedly spitting on her husband and striking him in the face with her car keys during a 1 AM confrontation in their residence. Prosecutors subsequently declined to pursue charges against Daigle.

Last month, police found a Florida couple “covered in spaghetti” following a 1 AM argument in their Clearwater home. While the combatants were each arrested for domestic battery, prosecutors this week declined to pursue charges against the duo.