Accused Drunk Driver, 55, Was Just Not Having It During Her Booking Photo Session

Meet Linda MacDonald.

The Massachusetts woman, 55, was arrested last night for DUI after crashing her vehicle into a fence while driving in a Vermont town.

MacDonald told cops that she was lost and trying to write down directions when she drove off the road around 10:30 PM. MacDonald, who was not injured, claimed that she was “on the telephone getting directions and writing them down on a legal pad when she exited the roadway and struck the fence,” according to a police report.

MacDonald was arrested for drunk driving after a preliminary breath test registered her blood alcohol content in excess of the .08 limit. She is scheduled for an April 28 Superior Court arraignment.

As seen in the above mug shot, MacDonald did not appear pleased with her arrest or the related booking photo session with the Vermont State Police.