FBI File On Notorious B.I.G. Murder Yields Single Hip-Hop Curio

On Friday, the FBI unveiled its overhauled reading room, which they have re-christened “The Vault.” Along with a spiffy new document reader and a search option, the bureau has uploaded dozens of new files, material that has previously been processed in response to Freedom of Information Act requests.

Included in the new offerings are records related to the FBI probe of the murder of The Notorious B.I.G., a case that was closed in 2005 after federal prosecutors declined to pursue charges in the matter. The rapper (real name: Christopher Wallace) was shot to death in Los Angeles in 1997, a murder that remains unsolved.

While the Wallace file provides little news, it does offer one hip-hop curio, the Los Angeles Police Department property report itemizing the Wallace belongings catalogued post-homicide. As seen in this excerpt, evidence gathered by investigators included pot in a plastic baggy; bloodstained Karl Kani jeans (size 48); a pair of size 13 Timberlands; a Bernini sweater (size 54); and a Primatene Mist asthma inhaler.

And, of course, “3 condoms” that an LAPD official reported were “Magnum” and “Larger Size.”

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No, strictbiz, he was a piece of crap. He was a drug dealer, and his work did not impact the entire world. I've never liked hip hop or rap, but regardless of whether or not I did, bottom line is that he was a criminal, and he surrounded himself with criminals. That's why he's dead.
Verge of Viagra, get a life. Not a fan of TuPac's and never was. Just Biggy. He deserves respect. Not from you though Verge, your not on our level. The view is nice up here I gotta tell ya.
He sold over 300,000 records outside of the States. I guess they were all purchased in Outer Space by aliens forced to go out of their way and buy it. When you are born in a society where you have to act uncivil in order to survive, you do what you have to do in order to feed your children. "Born thinner, opposite of a winner, remember when I used to eat sardines for dinner." There is no excuse for being a criminal, I understand. But there is always a reason. If I said that the Grateful Dead were a bunch of drug using dirty nose picking hippies so Jerry Garcia deserved to die, I would be offending a lot of people so I would chose my words more wisely. Your statement just shows me that you are a self centered pessimist that speaks before he thinks and has had his foot in his mouth half his life(30 years give or take). By the By, my Mother was a die hard Dead Head and I respect all music. ** RIP Jerry Garcia & Christopher Wallace **
Whatever anyone says..Its a fact he was a drug dealing piece of shiat!! plain and simple....if those drugs helped get your kid hooked or lead to their death, would it be okay because he was born into a society where they have to act uncivil to survive?? That is the biggest bullshiat statement there is....By your account, every person, black or white, who lived in a poor neighborhood should become criminals so they can feed their kids?? What about the ones who actually get a real job and earn money the old fashioned way? He wanted the quick money of the drug life...Instead of flipping burgers or stocking shelves somewhere, he CHOSE to deal drugs. As for him being a "pioneer" as someone stated...That mes me laugh....NOw I grew up in Bklyn and was the same age as him....I even liked a couple of his songs..But to call him a pionneer is funny...all he did was the same as every wannabe rapper does....Raps about street life. But he was no pioneer....NWA did thats years before he did...He was lucky enough to hook up wit puffy...b/c he was the one with the talent ( producing anyway)... The only shame in all this is that his kids had to grow up without their father, a scenario I know all too well, and it sucked. He died too young, but like they say..live by the sword, die by the sword. Let us remember Biggie fo r what he really was.....A fat, ugly, drug dealing scumbag who got lucky beacause he could rhyme over beats. He was not assasinated..He was not martyred....HE was SHOT and KILLED. Goodbye and good riddance
Hi hater. You sound angry because you came from similar circumstances yet you can only get "heard" on TSG's comment board. I'm absolutely sure you have no talent. Big sold drugs but when he could do better he did. Whether you're from the hood or not you do what you gotta do to survive. There's a lot of women who hoed their way through law or med school while focusing on the bigger picture. Some of us would rather risk our freedom than work for a disrespectful racist type who treats u like crap and doesn't appreciate you. If you play this game by the rules one could end up bitter like you.
Oooh, well-spoken.
Who gives a zhit about Cherry Garcia? Find another thread for your dead addiction. Biggie and Tupac are idiots who played with fire and got burned. I don't give two zhits! Murder Inc says it all.
Yeah. Hard drug dealers are the most untrustworthy miscreants to grace Earth, and they deserve everything the get, including death.
Scumbag? Boy, you have a lot of nerve. Not only was Biggy a Pioneer in the Hip-Hop industry, he was one of the few artists that impacted the entire world with his work. He made the rap industry a world-wide multi million dollar force to be recon with. You need to be aware of who you are insulting before you post something as blatant and rude as this you scum sucking pig. I cried on March 9th. I am 26 years old. You cried the day of your second divorce. You are scum bucket sir. Not to be confused with a scum bag, they get tossed into buckets.
I spit on his grave. And considering you cry over dead meat and will likely croak when you're 30, I spit on your future grave too. Racist.