On Reflection, Officer, I Should Have Just Threatened To Bitch Slap The Guy

A 56-year-old man who threatened to shoot a neighbor with whom he was quarreling apologized to police for his inartful choice of words, saying that he should have instead warned the man he would “bitch slap” him.

The confrontation Monday morning between Dennis Fredrick and Francis Lindbergh, 61, stemmed from a year-long feud that began with a dispute over payment for yard work outside their Florida homes.

When police arrived to interview the men, Fredrick admitted that he threatened to shoot Lindberg. But as reported by a sheriff’s deputy, “Dennis said he was sorry he used the wrong words, he should have told him he would bitch slap him.”

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I planned (for years) to move to the "Sunshine State" and finally made it happen! Right in time to live in the county that took the title previously held by Miami-Dade, who took it from a county in New York...of most murders per capita. JAX, right along the drug corridor (I95) a straight shot from the ports of Miami to the buyers in New York. Only 11 miles from the beach where our young family could watch dolphin and porpoise leaping through the seas, as we avoided becoming entangled in the fishing lines of the rednecks tempting the ever present bull sharks with live bait, we saw the truth of the state. It is comprised of drive through liquor stores, strip clubs, tattoo shops and Walgreens for the requisite retired. The wildlife included herons, turtles, armadillos, possum, scorpions, alligators, pythons. roaches, rattle snakes and fire ants. Second only to Australia in poisonous critters, the human venom was by far the most toxic and lethal. Schools at one point were DFL, or 50th on the list. I spent 6.5 years there with half that actively seeking escape by means of career pursuits almost anywhere else. Florida is beyond saving. Sad for the myriad animal species, good for U.S.
I'm confused? anytime I slap my bitch we have great sex afterwards, is that where this story is going?
Maybe Fredrick should have said that he'd mow Lindbergh down, mulch his behind, prune his limbs, till him under, clip his manhood and put him through the wood chipper. Somehow, that sounds less violent than threatening to shoot him to some people.
Florida - worst then the north east.
Did you mean "worse than the Northeast"? If so, I think you may hold the title for most spelling errors per written word. What state should we thank for your achievement?
Did you mean "Which state"? Just read the comment and move on to the next one.
Touche' CK. Should we all "Just read the comment and move on to the next one", if not officers of grammar army?
Perhaps cmax is from Florida and tried to change the subject by focusing on the grammar. But, I'm sure there are just as many morons in other overly populated states as well. Maybe TSG just has more sources in Florida, but it does make one wonder.
HAHA. It was pretty sad on my part as well.