World's Dumbest Vandal Arrested For Spray Painting “CHEETER” On Ex-Girlfriend's Car

A South Carolina man seeking to “get back at” an unfaithful ex-girlfriend is facing criminal charges after a cop caught him spray painting the word "CHEETER" on the woman’s car.

Timothy Lee Trammell, 36, was nabbed Friday after a Union County Sheriff’s Office deputy spotted him vandalizing the auto outside a One Stop convenience store in the town of Jonesville. Trammell’s ex, cops report, works at the business.

Trammell, who was first spotted crouched next to the vehicle with a can of spray paint in his hand, tried to run from an approaching deputy, but was quickly apprehended. According to a sheriff's report, Trammell subsequently confessed to the vandalism, explaining that he was trying "to get back at her."

Police estimated that Trammell’s tagging caused $500 in damages to the victim’s 2013 Chevy Sonic.

As seen above, cops photographed Trammell’s misspelled handiwork for evidentiary (and entertainment) purposes.

In addition to the vandalism count, Trammell (seen at left) was charged with marijuana possession after a post-arrest search turned up a joint. Trammell may also be hit with narcotics possession charges since investigators also discovered two controlled substances--Lortab and Suboxone--in a cigarette pack found in his pocket.