The "Alleged" Is Probably Not Necessary When Describing This Indiana Paint Huffer

Meet Kelly Gibson.

For the 48th time since 1992, the Indiana man has been arrested for inhaling paint fumes. Gibson’s latest huffing collar came when his wife summoned cops to the couple’s Fort Wayne home shortly after midnight on April 14.

As seen in the above mug shot, officers found an impaired Gibson covered in silver paint. He was booked into the Allen County jail for allegedly inhaling toxic vapors.

The image of Gibson will likely draw comparisons to the classic booking photo of Patrick “Goldface” Tribett, an Ohio man who has earned online infamy for his series of paint-dappled mug shots.

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Tea bagger's are ruining the image of this great country....huffing fumes and rallying against health care issues... Mo Ma' Sorry, Mo Ma', but a painter who sniffs paint fumes is more than likely a liberal loon, and not a member of the tea party. That guy would want other people to pay for his health care.
he's been huffing since 1992?!?! Holy cow, his brain must be mush by now. almost 2 decades of killing off brain cells? the reason he looks dopey and grinny is that its all his brain can still do. obviously the any previous skills with a comb are shot.
Tea bagger's are ruining the image of this great country....huffing fumes and rallying against health care issues...
A couple things, Mo Ma'. It's teabagger. One word. And if you want to make it a plural (that means more than one) it is only necessary to add an s. You don't need to add an apotr- an astrop- a comma that's up high in the air. You see, if you're going to try and disparage (that means use frowny-face words) a large portion of the population that happen to disagree with you, I suggest you do something about that 5th grade education first.
Mo Ma', how can anyone get that backwards? Are you sure you haven't been huffing, yourself? Yes, tea baggers (that descriptive term actually applies to leftist gay men) ARE ruining this ONCE great country, which isn't great anymore since Democrats trashed it with their leftist policies.
No, I dare not huff nor drink intoxicants of anykind and if you were a real military combat veteran, you wouldn't place the blame for our economic situations squarely on the backs on the Democrats in public service positions.
Well, Mo Ma', there you go again (and no, I'm not Ronald Reagan) with your absurd assumptions. I don't remember ever saying I was a real or a fake military combat veteran.
Really? Amazing that you think you can speak for all of us combat vets. I'm a vet and I have no love for the Democrats. Believe it or not, hero, most of us are Republican. They should just let this idiot huff himself into a coma. No use wasting the time of our law enforcement.
Ebony and Ivory got nuthin on Goldie and Silvery. His wife hasn't left him after 20 years of huffing yet?!? What little that remains of the "gray" matter rattling around in this freak's otherwise empty skull must be pretty damned shiny by now. He must put a whole new meaning to the phrase "spit-shine" or "spitting image". He can probably make a small mirror if he spits in the same spot on the pavement for just long enough.
48 times in 19 years? Looks like it might not be as harmful as we thought.