Drunk Collegian Calls 911, Says She Is "Olivia Pope" And Then Warns Cop Of Car Bomb Heading For White House

An Iowa collegian who is apparently a big fan of booze and TV’s “Scandal” called 911 early this morning claiming to be “Olivia Pope,” and reported a sighting of “Cyrus Beene” outside an Iowa City bar, police say.

Cops responding to the 2:45 AM emergency call were flagged down by Kelsey Cousins, a 20-year-old University of Iowa student who is a member of the school’s rowing team.

Officer Brad Reinhard reported that Cousins, seen at right, “kept talking about ‘Olivia Pope’ and about a car with a bomb in it that was heading to the White House.” The cop added that, “‘Olivia Pope’ is a television show character and everything that defendant stated was nonsensical and rambling.”

Actress Kerry Washington stars in “Scandal” as Pope, a Beltway fixer and presidential mistress. The “Cyrus Beene” character, played by Jeff Perry, is a scheming manipulator who was fired from his post as White House chief of staff.

The underage Cousins, according to a police report, smelled of alcohol, suffered from impaired speech and balance, and had bloodshot, watery eyes. She reportedly copped to drinking and possessing a fake ID.      

Following her arrest for public intoxication, Cousins, seen above, took a Breathalyzer test that registered her blood alcohol content at .206, more than twice the legal limit. She is also facing a second misdemeanor charge for misuse of the 911 system.