Iowa Police Report Samples From Rapper Rick Ross Song About "Hustlin'"

Former prison guard-turned-gangster rapper Rick Ross will be likely be pleased to see lyrics of his turning up in a police arrest report.

Iowa cops Monday night arrested Lindsey Sinn, 29, on a public intoxication charge after they were summoned to Iowa City’s Blue Moose Tap House due to “a female passed out on the bar stools.” Sinn, who refused to speak with police, initially agreed to leave with paramedics, but then “sat down at the bar and asked for another drink.”

Since she smelled of booze, had slurred speech, and was uncooperative (which, we thought, were the reasons to go out drinking), Sinn was arrested, placed into a police cruiser, and transported to jail.

Upon arrival at the Johnson County lockup, Sinn “began singing ‘Everyday I’m hustlin’, hustlin’, hustlin’,” to herself. That is the chorus from “Hustlin’,” Ross’s account of his purported days as a drug trafficker, pimp, and overall crime boss.

Here’s hoping that Sinn gets a mention in one of those Maybach Music Group videos that Ross seems to churn out daily for Worldstar visitors.