Serial Litigant Jonathan Lee Riches Is Freed From Prison, Promises To Ramp Up Crazy Lawsuit Pace

The convicted felon who became notorious for filing a torrent of bizarre--and often entertaining--legal actions while locked up in federal prison has been released after ten years in custody and is promising to pick up his litigation pace.

Freed on April 30, Jonathan Lee Riches, 35, has returned home to Pennsylvania, where he has opened a pair of Facebook accounts to chronicle his prolific, fantastical court filings. Defendants in Riches’s handwritten lawsuits have included virtually every newsmaker, celebrity, politican, criminal, and athlete of note.

You’re probably a nobody if the convicted credit card fraudster hasn’t sued you.

In a May 25 U.S. District Court filing--typed now that he’s out of the can--Riches sought to intervene in a lawsuit filed by Kim Kardashian against The Gap. Along with claiming to have lost his virginity to the reality TV personality, Riches recalled taking erotic photos of Kardashian while she modeled $2311.23 worth of Gap merchandise he purchased with a stolen credit card.

Riches's Kardashian motion was denied yesterday by a Los Angeles judge.

According to his Facebook pages, Riches wants to “flood the universe with more lawsuits.” He plans on financing this litigation assault via the sale of his Michael Jordan rookie basketball card (Riches is pictured above posing with the 1986 Fleer card). If he were to earn $800 from the card’s sale, Riches noted, that would allow him to purchase “1800 stamps to send lawsuits out.”