Man, 21, Tried To Buy Porsche With $78 Million Check, Police Say

Meet Connor Litka.

The 21-year-old last week walked into a Porsche dealership in Louisville, Kentucky and sought to purchase a car with a $78 million check.

When told by employees at Blue Grass Motorsport that “they were not going to sell him the vehicle,” Litka allegedly walked to the parts department “looking for keys.”

Litka (seen at right) ignored requests to leave the dealership “until he got his vehicle,” according to a police citation.

Fearing that “something bad was going to happen because of [Litka’s] behavior,” a worker called cops, who arrested Litka after he again refused to depart the Porsche dealership.

Charged with criminal trespassing and disorderly conduct, both misdemeanors, Litka is scheduled to appear this morning in District Court.

A day before trying to pass the $78 million check, Litka attempted to purchase a vehicle from a nearby Land Rover dealership. He was only carrying a check for $12 million that day.

The citation lists Litka’s residence as an apartment complex in Bloomington, Indiana, which is about 100 miles from Louisville. According to his LinkedIn page, Litka is a business student at Indiana University, where he enrolled in 2021.