Exactly What "Kind" Doesn’t LeBron James’s Mom Trust? Here's The Two Possibilities.

Until LeBron James’s mother offers further clarification on her reported post-arrest comment to cops that, "I don’t trust your kind," it will remain unclear as to which “kind” she was referring.

But it seems clear that Gloria James, 43, was either speaking of cops in general or the ethnicity of the officers involved.

To that end, here are the names of the four cops listed in the Miami Beach Police Department report on James’s bust earlier today for battery and disorderly intoxication:

* Officer Carlos Cuellar

* Sergeant Mario Rojo

* Lieutenant Paul Acosta

* Sergeant Luis Sanchez

A pattern appears to have emerged.

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She doesn't trust cops!!! neither should you... Cops view the worlds as us -vs- them and are out to get all of us... their tactics prove it... The next time you get pulled over pay attention to what they ask you... where are you headed?, where are you coming from?, you have any weapons in you vehicle?, you been drinking? you don't mind if I search you car do you?, They don't just talk to you they interrogate you all with the goal to finding out what you have been up to... They treat everyone as guilty... Welcome to the new police state!!!!!!!!!
spoken like one that has been to a courtroom more than once.
Have you considered that the arresting officers may have been Droids?
cops always seem like droids when you're wasted and they kill your joy with those metal bracelets.
anyway they aren't black. She does'nt like folks who arent black maybe?
these names were posted after the fact, no fair.