Mike Tyson Made A Relatively Paltry $200,000 For Appearing In “The Hangover Part II”

While Mike Tyson doubled his compensation for appearing in “The Hangover Part II,” the former heavyweight champ is surely the lowest paid star featured in the sequel, which is expected to be a box office blockbuster.

Tyson was paid $200,000 for his role in “The Hangover Part II,” according to an October 6, 2010 employment agreement excerpted here. In addition to his small role, which was filmed in Thailand, Tyson’s contract called for him to record a cover version of “One Night in Bangkok.” Tyson is entitled to royalties from the song, which is included on the movie’s soundtrack album.

For his appearance in “The Hangover,” Tyson was paid $100,000, according to his July 2008 employment agreement. The ex-boxer, playing himself, memorably performed Phil Collins’s “In The Air Tonight” in the 2009 movie.

Unlike his earlier agreement, Tyson’s 2010 contract guaranteed him and a guest an invitation to the film’s “celebrity premiere,” as well as first-class travel and lodging. Additionally, the film’s producer promised to provide Tyson--“at no cost to the employee”--with a single DVD copy of the movie, which also stars Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis, and Ed Helms.

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Convicted felons have to take it when they can. It would of been more approiate for him to play a "thug-rapist" in a prison flick.!! Titled "Bend Over I'll Drive"....!!!
well maybe alot of you don't remember very well mike has done some things we all have,maybe. well that girl he was accused of raping,her own friend said she went there to as she put it TO GET PAID,the only raping that went on was iron mikes wallet getting raped,way to many people took advantage of the champ,go back and look at all the things that transpired that girl was a gold digging bitch that took advantage of a young man that had problems with the way he acted around pretty girls if he had someone to look out for his best interest instead of just looking to get money out of mike,he could of been an outstanding person, and an undefeated devestating champion that ever lived, it is sad that people are still ripping iron mike off. in a world that is so quick to make excuses for people's actions,mike was never taught what right and wrong really meant all the people around him cared about was him beating oppontents,as long as he was winning they let him get away with everything. so is that his fault.NO to him it was ok.if he would of been taught morals right off the bat as a CHILD i know he would have turned out very differant,thats a shame.too many young gifted athletes are misguided,and are let to get away with things the average person would get in trouble for.and we are all to blame.because we still go paid more and more money to watch them it is outragous to pay more to watch some of these people than some people make in aweek,sorry i'll get down off my soap box,but it needed to be said.
He was hit in the head too much. 200,000 will last him about a month they way he is. What a waste of beating up people he has become.
He doesn't even deserve to be in the movie in the first place. Any regular Joe would be wasting away in prison for doing the stuff he's done, but poor, innocent, helpless, little Mikey only got more money than most people will take years to make, but he'll make in relatively just minutes, by pretending he knows how to act. He should just take that money and pay someone to beat his brains in, best duct tape his mouth though, no sense in taking any chances he might try the Ear Chewing Desperation Attack again.
I saw Tyson being interviewed the other day and I was really surprised at his knowledge and decorum. It's as if his mind had been replaced. Now, if only he can replace his ugly mug, erase that hidious tattoo and erase our memories of his past career and indiscretions.....
$200,000 is paltry for a washed up boxer/no-talent actor with a tribal tattoo on his face/deranged ear biter/domestic violence criminal? Well, you can give it to me if you really dont want it. Have you even seen that biography about him? I dont want to play the race card, but why is it that every black guy in hollywood gets a free ride no matter what he's done? OJ, R Kelly, Dr Dre, Jacko, Kobe Bryant, the list goes on..What a bunch of losers! But a guy like Eliot Spitzer sleeps with a couple of really hot women and without due process, they throw him to the wolves. We're too politically correct, this is the cost of it. He's lucky to be getting calls that aren't from bill collectors and ex-girlfriends suing him for keeping them locked in his basement for a month.
I'll take $200,000 for whatever!