DNA Links Grocery Clerk To Semen Found In Yogurt Sample Eaten By Woman

Laboratory tests have confirmed that semen found in a yogurt sample consumed by a New Mexico woman matches the DNA of a grocery store employee who was suspected in the tainting case, according to police.

The results linking Anthony Garcia, 31, to the revolting January 25 incident at Albuquerque’s Sunflower Farmers Market were received today by investigators, according to Sergeant Trish Hoffman, an Albuquerque Police Department spokesperson.

Hoffman added that probers are mulling whether to file state or federal charges against Garcia in connection with the yogurt adulteration.

A January 28 search warrant authorized police to obtain blood and DNA samples from Garcia, who was arrested on unrelated charges after the incident at the market. The warrant was secured after it was determined that the yogurt sample tested positive for “sperm cells” and saliva.

According to a police report, the female victim, 28, was shopping with her daughter when approached by a “pushy” Garcia, who offered her the yogurt sample. After tasting it, the woman immediately thought the sample tasted “gross and disgusting” and, cops noted, “said it tasted like ‘semen.’”

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Oh, cripes. You're quite the prude, eh? Let's just acknowledge the fact that many, many women know what semen tastes like. Big deal. I think it's probably best that she didn't lie to the cops in the name of "modesty." There's nothing wrong with being honest, and really, I care a lot more about the demise of honesty than the demise of modesty. And further, how do you know she didn't "hesitate"? Just because she ultimately decided to tell the truth, that's not a good reason to think that she had no problem doing so.
Is this guy related to the Visine posioner?
As Big Sis would say " Taste something, say something"
This moron was just getting back at women in general for his x-wife feeding him tuna (if ya know what I mean) sandwiches for 10 years. What happened to the good old days when a guy like this would be strung up, nutts sliced off with a butter knife and shoved down his throat?
My boyfriend doesn't want to wear a condom when I'm going down on him. He says it will taste "just like vanilla yogurt". Is he not telling me the truth?
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The racist-comments-from-the-safety-of-their-home-office-cubicle is funny. It seems to be an odd idea that there are Mexican people here who are 3rd, 5th generation American. His name being Anthony (and not Antonio, or Toño) should have been a sign that maybe he's American. And to you dipsh-its from dumbfuc-kistan, you think that only Mexicans have a lock on this type of degenerate behavior? Then I guess you all are new to the Smoking Gun web site and haven't seen that article where that Anglo jerked off in the kid section of some Wal-Mart.
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