DEA Seizes Heroin Bags Branded With NFL Logo During New York City Raid

During a raid last night on a New York City narcotics packaging facility, investigators found 33 pounds of heroin and thousands of glassine bags stamped with the NFL logo and other drug brands like “Government Shutdown,” and “iPhone.”

Along with seizing the heroin--which agents valued at $8 million--two men were arrested at the Bronx location.

A Drug Enforcement Administration evidence photo (seen at right) shows the ink stamp used to brand glassines with the NFL logo.

As seen below, other heroin brands distributed from the Wallace Avenue apartment included “Lady Gaga,” “Olympic 2012,” and “McDonald’s.”

Previously, New York cops have recovered heroin packets branded “Obama” and “Bin Laden.” The president’s likeness has also appeared on Ecstasy pills. Last year, a Pennsylvania man was arrested for allegedly selling “LeBron James” heroin (the packages included a drawing of a man dunking a basketball). And during a traffic stop last month, Massachusetts police discovered bags of heroin branded “Obama Care” inside a vehicle.