Female Flasher Gets Busted For Exposing Self Outside Ohio Jail

Meet Andrea Musser.

The 19-year-old Ohio woman was arrested Tuesday night for exposing her breasts outside a jail she had just exited following a visit with a male inmate.

Jail personnel observed Musser waving and calling up to someone inside the Erie County lockup. She then lifted up her shirt and exposed her breasts, presumably for the benefit of her 19-year-old incarcerated friend (and perhaps some of his fellow inmates).

Click here for a NSFW surveillance video still capturing Musser mid-flash.

Musser was nabbed outside the jail’s fenced perimeter. She pleaded guilty yesterday to public indecency and received a 10-day suspended jail sentence. She was also fined $223.

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Always been a breast man myself thinking the guard must be gay and jealous.
Could not agree more with you.
C'mon up to Canada and do that!! It is completely LEGAL here!!! Ohhhh what a country!!! Rockman
AHHHHH.......to live in a country where titties can fly free and unfettered....I can only dream.....
just move to Canada and your dream comes true
Sounds like you obviously never seen photos of Limbaugh, Beck and Trump waddling along on a beach in colorful swimming trunks...
Thanks for THAT mental image......perhaps a direct injection of bleach into my brain will cleanse that out.....
but they still have to pay for carry-on luggage.
Were nipple clamps and handcuffs used during the arrest?
"Show your tits!" used to be a common thing for young men to say to young girls. This girl DID IT. SO WHAT!!!!! Someone made a mountain out of a molehill. She shouldn't have been charged with anything or been made to pay a fine - she was being entertaining, and I hope her boyfriend and anyone else who got a peek enjoyed it. You people who are so up-tight at having female breasts exposed are ridiculous.