"Honest, Officer, Those Drugs Hidden In My Crotch Are Not Mine"

Jessi Clark was riding in the front passenger seat of a Cadillac Wednesday night when Florida cops pulled over the vehicle after spotting the 29-year-old without a seatbelt.

As the driver spoke with cops, Clark allegedly “pulled out a piece of paper towel from her crotch” that had three Oxycodone pills and three Xanax tablets. Clark, pictured in the mug shot at right, then denied that the drugs she fished from the vicinity of her private parts were her property, according to a police report excerpted here.

She pointed the finger at the driver, alleging that he “told her to put it down her pants.” The driver denied Clark’s claim, stating “he has no idea what was down her pants.”

Clark’s disavowal of the stash in her drawers was rejected by cops, who charged her with two felony drug possession counts. She is being held in the Manatee County jail in lieu of $2000 bond.

In late-September, a Florida man gave police a similar story when they discovered a bag of cocaine hidden inside his buttocks. Strangely, the suspect admitted ownership of a bag of pot that was also wedged in the same place.

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OMG i actually know a chic that did this and they both got arrested, but she put a whole bottle of pills up there, (not just in her pants) and he denied it all...I DONT WANNA BE A STUPID GIRL....then he told on her to get himself outta trouble. win win situation dumb ass~!
The driver stated “he has no idea what was down her pants.” What a blasted LIAR! He knows what's down her pants. That's why she's IN HIS CAR!
It is what it is!
Why is it so hard to believe the drugs in her crotch didnt belong to her? Married men carry something in their crotch which doesnt belong to them. It belongs to their wife.
Cut her some slack. Lots of guys had been in the vicinity of her crotch. Anyone could have left those drugs there. But it just goes to show she has sex with some real idiots. Apparently, hiding drugs in this chick's snatch is like hiding them on a bench in the train station.
Those "pills" had a special scent after being stashed in her crotch I bet? Smells like a "kitty kat"! lol
Hey abaddon...did you get your dentist appointment for a haircut?
I'd better look down there to see if i had something planted there
I was getting ready to be amused by this story, but then I remembered how unfunny it is that one of my fellow slaves gets slapped with two felony drug counts for posessing five or six pills. Well, I guess I'm still getting acquainted with the police state. I'm glad that Florida has endless resources to protect society from this sad woman and her six sad pills. Maybe in looking at such an absurd situation, the people of Florida, and America, will recognize all the damage that's been caused to our society by allowing the police and the federal government to dictate to the people what they can and cannot do with their own bodies. At the very least, can someone explain to me why this woman was arrested? Before responding, keep in mind that most idiotic Americans believe they live in a free society....
How many pills of Oxycontin did Rush Limbaugh illegally obtain and consume? How much is his net worth, and how much of it did he have to pay as a fine? There is no real justice in America. The land for the rich, and the home of the enslaved.