Here Are The Acorns That Judge Stuffed With Condoms

As reported yesterday, a Pennsylvania judge has been charged with approaching unsuspecting women and handing them acorns that he had hollowed out and stuffed with condoms.

Here’s a photo of the goodies allegedly passed out by Judge Isaac Stoltzfus, a 58-year-old Republican who lives in Intercourse, Pennsylvania (the evidence was snapped by our friends at The Patriot-News).

Let the gagging commence.

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p.s. Don't worry, the poor GOP isn't being attacked again by those rotten, lefty TSG people. You can let your defenses down now. :) VVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVV
Any particular reason his political affiliation is part of the story?
Sure, there's a great reason his party was included: When writing a news story most journalists stick to the Associated Press (AP) style. AP style is a book's worth of rules for tone, grammar, and other nerdy aspects of writing that ensures printed news is delivered in a uniform way. Including a news subject's political affiliation is up to the reporter according to AP style and should always be used in a political story. In this kind of fluffier piece I assume that the reporter had little information about the judge in question, so adding his political affiliation not only beefed up the description but is relevant because he holds an elected office. We wouldn't expect the reporter to include such information about a private citizen arrested for the same thing, for instance.
Can I order this as a main course or is it only available as an appetizer?
Stuffed... Now, see, I pictured the condoms actually stuffed in the acorns. I lived in Pennsylvania for a long time and I didn't remember the acorns being THAT big... or the condoms being that small. Stuffed hardly seems to be an accurate discription here. It's more like "impaled" or "truncated" or even "imposed upon." Definitely not stuffed.