Woman Charged With Urinating In Grocery Store Freezer, Ruining Tasty Baked Goods Worth $508

What kind of a person allegedly urinates in a convenience store freezer, ruining $508 worth of cookies, bagels, and other baked goods?

Meet Carrie Harkness.

The 23-year-old Pennsylvania woman was charged today with criminal mischief and disorderly conduct in connection with the incident early Saturday at the Country Fair store near her home in Meadville, according to a court docket. A preliminary court hearing has been scheduled for January 12.

Harkness, pictured at right, reportedly became upset when workers asked her to leave the business. A store worker today described the befouled freezer as the walk-in variety.

In a Facebook posting last night, Harkness, a mother of two, wrote, “Omg have you ever liked someone so much and go out with them and make a fool of yourself????? wish I could take back friday night!!!!! But youngstown is on point wish my friend could forgive me!!!!!!”

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A Roofey? Is that why she acts like a dog and pisses all around? Wroof, wroof! How many kids were in her litter BTW?
Supergirl11, If you hate this website why join/post???
maybe she needs to learn to watch her drinks or just stop drinking. Also its not stealing if its open to the public.